NAICS Alphabetic Keyword List

NAICS Alphabetic Keyword List
Item# 07ALPHA09

Product Description

This text file includes nearly 20,000 common industry descriptions along with their associated 6-digit 2012 NAICS Code.

The following is a short example of the contents of this text file:

NAICS    Short Title
531190    Real estate (except building) rental or leasing
237210    Real estate (except cemeteries) subdividers
531210    Real estate agencies
531210    Real estate agents' offices
531320    Real estate appraisal services
531320    Real estate appraisers' offices
531390    Real estate asset management services (except property management)
813910    Real estate boards
531210    Real estate brokerages
531210    Real estate brokers' offices
531390    Real estate consultants' (except agents, appraisers) offices
522292    Real estate credit lending
531390    Real estate escrow agencies
531390    Real estate escrow agents' offices

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