2007 NAICS Reference Manual Software, download!

2007 NAICS Reference Manual Software (download only)
2007 NAICS Reference Manual Software (download only)
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Product Description

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This New, Comprehensive Reference Tool gives you more than just the paper manual in electronic format. Enhanced Searching and Linking Features provide a Powerful Electronic 2007 NAICS Reference Guide.

Quickly Search and Find any Keyword or Code

More than 30,000 Links to quickly jump from NAICS Codes to Descriptions

Full Cross-Reference Table from SIC to NAICS or NAICS to SIC

The 2007 NAICS Reference Software Contains:

  • Full Titles and Long Descriptions for each Industry Group and NAICS Code

  • 2007 NAICS Codes listed Numerically with Short Title US Government Descriptions

  • Alphabetic Keyword Listing (more than 30,000 Common Industry Descriptions)

  • 2007 NAICS Changes Cross Reference Table

  • 2007 NAICS to SIC Cross Reference Table

This Product also includes the following Reference Files in Excel Format:

  • Alphabetic Keywords.xls - Over 20,000 Common Industry Descriptions and their associated US NAICS Code

  • 2007NAICS Numerical Listings.xls - Full listing of US NAICS Codes and their Official US Government Descriptions

  • 2007 NAICS to SIC.xls - NAICS to SIC Reference Table in Excel Format

  • 2007 NAICS Changes.xls - 2007 NAICS to 2002 NAICS Reference Table in Excel Format

  • SIC Code Listing.xls - SIC Code Reference Table in Excel Format

*The 2007 NAICS Reference Manual CD-ROM runs on Microsft Windows 95 and higher.

Note: This product does not include individual company information. If you need Company Information go to Custom Lists or Business Directories.