SIC - Standard Industy Classification Listing

SIC - Standard Industy Classification Listing

Product Description

This is the 2009 Version of the Standard Industry Classification Listing in Excel format

SIC Description
3612 Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformers
3613 Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus
3621 Motors and Generators
3624 Carbon and Graphite Products
3625 Relays and Industrial Controls
3629 Electrical Industrial Apparatus, NEC
3631 Household Cooking Equipment
3632 Household Refrigerators and Home and Farm Freezers
3633 Household Laundry Equipment
3634 Electric Housewares and Fans
3635 Household Vacuum Cleaners
3639 Household Appliances, NEC

This download file is in Excel format:

1. Excel spread sheet

This file includes the Complete SIC code and Short Title Descriptions including the 4 digit levels.

This file is typically used for adding SIC Data information to an existing Database or for creating SIC reference information.

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